Bronze Subscription listing option for owners

Low Cost Listing - Bronze Subscription
We understand that many owners are extremely frustrated and angry with organisations such as OwnersDirect and HolidayLettings, and their increasing interference with (and monetisation of) every aspect of the booking process. 
We are, therefore, delighted to announce a sensible and lower-cost alternative, whereby owners can list their property on the Kalkan Secrets website for a flat fee - and simply receive enquiries from potential guests without any further involvement from Kalkan Secrets. Essentially, we will just put the owner in direct touch with the enquirer... exactly the way it should be, and exactly the way it used to be with the other sites!
We will, of course, continue to provide our "full-fat" services to those owners who want and need it via our Gold and Silver services (email us for details) but for the Bronze service... read on for more details:

The background

For many years, UK owners of self-catering holiday accommodation around the world used to rely upon two market-leading websites to help rent out their properties.

Holiday Lettings and Owners Direct provided a simple service, whereby owners could list their properties for a flat fee - categorised by location, size and price. It was a simple idea and worked like this...

  1. People looking to book holiday accommodation could simply browse the properties available within their target area and select a suitable property based on budget and availability.
  2. They would raise an enquiry via the HL or OD website
  3. HL or OD would email the owner with the enquirer's contact details
  4. The owner could contact the potential guest direct to pursue the enquiry

It did what it said on the tin. A true "Direct-to-Owner" booking experience for the guest, and a simple process for the owner to accept the booking or not, as they saw fit.


That worked extremely well for most people. That was, until about four or five years ago!

Firstly, Holiday Lettings were acquired by TripAdvisor. Almost immediately, their annual fees went up. Then, they introduced an online booking system - which was promoted as being for the benefit of the guest but was, in fact, a thinly-disguised revenue-earner for TripAdvisor. They charged both the owner and the guest for the "security" of using the system, which was not actually compulsory - but the owner soon realised that their enquiry volume fell dramatically if they did not use this system! 

As a result of this, many owners fled from Holiday Lettings and ran to the more familiar territory of Owners Direct... but the respite was short lived. Very soon after that OD was itself purchased - first by multinational conglomerate HomeAway Inc., then shortly after that by Expedia (for the meagre sum of $3.9 billion). And of course, the first thing they sought to do was to maximise the revenue-earning potential by strapping owners to an expensive online booking system!

Despite protests from owners and holidaymakers alike, neither of these two former market-leading sites show any sign of changing their stance; they are determined to be involved with, and to monetise, every step of the booking process and the only response that owners can take is to vote with their feet. Judging from the messages we have received by email and on social media, many have elected to do just that. However, these owners are then faced with the problem of how to market their properties effectively, to the right people, in order to receive a sensible number of booking enquiries. 

What's the alternative?

Since 2014, the Kalkan Secrets website has evolved rapidly from being a simple owner-manager website for the marketing of a few of our own apartments, to a fully fledged Kalkan-specialist accommodation portal upon which we market not just our own, but also other owners' properties - from budget apartments to luxury villas, and all points in between.  By consistently getting page one positioning on Google searches, and with regular blogs and social media exposure, in two short years we have raised the profile of Kalkan Secrets from being a virtually unknown player to the point where it is rapidly becoming the "go-to" site for holidaymakers seeking self-catering accommodation in Kalkan.

Until now, we have worked solely on a commission basis, under which we have acted as a booking agent for the owner; taking enquiries and booking payments using our secure payment facility and then passing the payments (net of our commission) on to the owner. For a number of owners this has worked exceedingly well, especially if they do not have the time, the inclination or the expertise to handle enquiries effectively. 

However, we realise that not every owner wishes to relinquish full control of the booking process. Many would prefer to go back to the "good old days" with HolidayLettings and Ownersdirect. They just want to get a decent level of exposure on a site that simply lists their property and sets out its features and benefits. Then, if someone enquires, to simply get their contact details and take it from there. No commission. No booking fees or service fees... just a one-off annual payment for the opportunity to be listed on a Kalkan-specialist site. 

We are now ready to offer this facility, alongside our existing services. We are calling it our Bronze Subscription Service.

This what you will get:

  • A full listing on the Kalkan Secrets website; exactly the same format as for our other service propositions
  • You get the full advantage of our brand, market positioning and promotional activities
  • No commission charges, just a flat listing fee
  • Full iCal online calendar facility. You can use our calendar as your main reference, or we can import yours if it's iCal-based
  • Most importantly - any enquiries will be sent direct to you; we won't get involved with YOUR booking 
  • You can take payments your way and in your time. We won't chase your customers for money!
  • Our credit/debit payment facility is available if needed but not conditional - and only charged per use
  • Remember - we ONLY do Kalkan. We don't adopt a wasteful "scatter-gun" approach. Our marketing is targeted only at people who love Kalkan, including our 1200+ (and rapidly growing) database of subscribers
  • Additional promotion is available, if required, on a bespoke basis (email for details)

This is what it will cost:

  • For 2017 onwards and until further notice, the listing fee will be £95 pa, paid in advance
  • No commission charges to you or your guests
  • That's it. No catches!

To subscribe your property:

1. Read our Terms and Conditions.

2. Enter your property details requested below and submit the form.