Guest Registration


On 22nd November 2016, Statutory Decree No. 678 was announced in Turkey, amending Law No. 1774 on the Declaration of Identities. This introduced a legal obligation for everyone undertaking short term property rentals in Turkey to report full identity details of guests to the authorities. The purpose of this is to increase security throughout the country. 

Therefore, with immediate effect, the lead guest for each Kalkan Secrets booking is now required to complete registration details for each and every member of their party. There are NO exceptions, as this is a legal requirement. 

Please complete the form below fully and accurately. You have no responsibility beyond ensuring that you give us the correct details below; ultimately it is the property owner's duty to submit the information to the authorities. However, any omissions or inaccuracies could cause you difficulties with the local Police/Jandarma during your stay, as we understand that spot checks may well be undertaken at any time. Nobody wants any disruption to their holiday and, by completing this form accurately and completely, you will help us ensure that this doesn't happen.

Obviously you still will need your passports and eVisas to get into Turkey - but we strongly suggest that you also bring photocopies of your passports with you, and keep the copies available at all times whilst out and about in Turkey. 

Many thanks for your co-operation and enjoy your stay in Kalkan!