October is the final month of a long summer season in Kalkan. It's a very mild month overall and there are some very warm days to be had - a sun tan is still a very real possibility. The average temperature sits at around 18°-20°C; however, it can rise to around 25°-27°C on particularly warm days, before dropping to around 11°C during the evenings. 

Of course, the rather cooler nights mean that a good night's sleep is more likely, without the searing heat of the high season!  It does mean that a jacket or cardigan may be required for evenings out, but the sun still shines for around an average 10 hours per day, and swimming in the sea is perfectly fine, with an average water temperature of 24°C in the Mediterranean. Beach days are certainly on the cards for the entire month - and a boat trip in October is marvellous, with the sea just about at its warmest! 

There is a slight possibility of more in the way of rain than the previous three or four months; October on average experiences 56mm of rain throughout the month, which may well come in the form of one or two sudden short-lived squalls, but rain overall is still minimal (certainly compared to October in the UK!) and generally isn't prolonged. 

Hit the beach? 

It would be a crying shame not to head to Patara or Kaputas. The former, at 18km, is one of the longest sandy beaches in all of Europe, whilst the latter is one of the most photographed beaches in Turkey; the lack of crowds means that both are arguably more enjoyable in October than in the height of the summer.

If the boats and beaches are simply not your thing, the more temperate weather mean that hiking is a great activity to enjoy in October, both in and around Kalkan. The Lycian Way runs through and past the resort and, whilst you might struggle to hike all of it, at 509km, you can at least head through some of it. 

This famous trail runs from Fethiye, across to Antalya, passing through many towns and villages along the coast. Here you will get a taste of the true Mediterranean, with beautiful views and scenery - and a few historic/archaeological sites along the way. 
Bars and Restaurants

But of course, for many people the main attraction of Kalkan, at any time of year, is the restaurants and bars. We are pleased to report that most of these stay open right through October, including the legendary rooftop and harbourside establishments with their famous views over the harbour and bay. For the uninitiated, the number and quality of the restaurants in Kalkan almost beggars belief.

You can eat at a different restaurant each day for breakfast, lunch and dinner and still not get through them all in a two week holiday. And the standard is consistently high for all of them!

Getting here

Direct flights to Dalaman carry on throughout October from most major UK airports. Prices are much more reasonable than in the height of summer. 

For example, searching for flights for a return trip between 7th October and 14th October, we have found return prices from Gatwick with Thomas Cook at £215 return (and from Manchester at similar prices). There are bargains to be had if you book early enough and shop around using sites like Skyscanner, SmartFares, etc.

Where to stay?

This is where we come in! We have agreed with a number of the property owners on the Kalkan Secrets site to offer a discount of 10% to anyone booking accommodation via this promotion. We suggest you get your flights sorted first, then book your accommodation here - the date search below will take you to properties whose owners have agreed to offer a 10% discount for all October 2017 bookings: