October in Kalkan Promotion

To participate in the October in Kalkan promotion, please complete and submit the form below.

Please note:

  • The promotion will run from 31st July 2017 until further notice
  • We reserve the right to withdraw the promotion at any time
  • The normal booking process will apply for all enquiries received as a result of the promotion, commensurate with your service level 
  • Owners are responsible for setting their "standard" rate for October 2017 and this will be the rate shown hereafter on the website, from which the 10% discount will be deducted at the point of enquiry.
  • Please ensure that your October 2017 rates on all other sites are the same as the standard rate offered on Kalkan Secrets; we want to ensure that potential customers are receiving this discount ONLY when booking via Kalkan Secrets. 
  • You MUST update your calendar before completing the form below and keep it updated through the course of the campaign. If you need to update your calendar, please do so now, here: https://www.holidayrentalmanagement.com/userview/index.php?uid=617327 If you do not know/have lost/can't remember your login details, then please email us for a reminder here info@kalkansecrets.com.
  • The success and effectiveness of the promotion will be boosted by you actively "sharing" the promotional blogs, adverts, editorials, and social media posts whenever you see them! Please play your part... let's work together for a successful campaign!
  • Use #OctoberInKalkan in tweets, posts etc!