Kalkan Weather




Kalkan actually has its own microclimate; weather reports for the two closest cities (Fethiye to the West and Antalya to the East) can be misleading as they are often very different from Kalkan, despite being relatively close in meteorological terms. 

Days in Kalkan during the peak of the summer are HOT - temperatures in the late thirties Celsius are quite normal in July and August - and the nights are warm and balmy... everyone eats outdoors! Thankfully, there is often a breeze coming in from the sea to help keep things bearable, but air-conditioning is very important during these summer months, and most people will find that at the very least, a fan or two will be necessary whilst indoors! Rain during the main summer months (June through to September) is pretty unusual, although you can get the odd sub-tropical downpour from time to time (often overnight). Mostly, however, during the summer you can expect long periods of pretty much wall-to-wall sunshine and light clothing is essential

The "shoulder" months of April, May, October and November can be very pleasant; normally still sunny and warm during the day, although the odd cloudy day and showers are rather more likely, and the evenings can be chillier. Ladies might want to bring a cardigan for eating outside in the evenings; gents might want a longer sleeved shirt but eating outside is still the norm. Kalkan's bay sometimes gives rise to a sudden burst of wind, which can be quite strong at times. Nevertheless, many regulars choose to visit Kalkan during these popular Spring and Autumn months as it can actually be very similar to an "English summer"here!

During the winter is when Southern Turkey gets most of its rain... days can still be quite sunny but with a chillier feel when out of the sun. Heating and/or electric blankets are really required at night during December, January, February and well into March - and the wind can be very blustery for extended periods! Lots of people still visit Kalkan during the "close" season but these tend to have an interest outside of sunbathing - eg, walking, cycling, sightseeing, etc. Kalkan is very quiet during these winter months, as the locals recharge their batteries after the long, demandiing summer catering for tourists! Most of the shops and restaurants close down and the town has a different feel altogether.

Lastly: if you have any questions about the weather in Kalkan - what to bring, etc - please don't hesitate to contact us for advice!