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Do you own holiday rental accommodation in Kalkan? Are you looking to maximise your earning potential?  

Since the beginning of 2014, we have expanded our portfolio of holiday rental properties by marketing villas and apartments in Kalkan owned by other people, in addition to our own highly successful Nur Apartments, which we established in 2006.  The quality of service that we provide to our guests has always been important to us and, as we have grown, we have ensured that this remains at a very high standard... and the service we now provide to owners is equally important.

We would be happy to talk to additional owners who may be interested in marketing their property with Kalkan Secrets.

What are we looking for?

  • Villas and apartments in Kalkan Old Town, Kalkan Centre, Ortaalan, Kalamar Bay, Kiziltas, Kordere, Kisla, Komurluk, Akbel and Islamlar that meet with our standards.
  • Well-furnished, well-equipped properties 
  • Wi-fi available to guests - this has become mandatory over the last few years

What service do we offer to owners?

We offer a very straightforward and cost-effective marketing service for owners who are new to Kalkan Secrets, whereby we list your property on our website (and various social media outlest) and simply pass any enquiries on to you, for you to deal with as you wish. Should an enquiry result in a booking - and only then - we charge you a commission of 5% of the total published rental price. You retain complete control of the enquiry throughout, and we do not get involved in the enquiry at all after our initial handover to you. You simply get the exposure you need for your property, with no upfront cost!

All we ask is that:

  1. You provide full and up to date details and imnages of your property
  2. You provide is with up to date rental prices for at least a year in advance 
  3. You provide us with an iCal link to the calendar you use as your "master", and you undertake to keep that calendar updated at all times

Our Terms and Conditions for this service are here

Get in touch to discuss our service for owners via the Contact page.

Updated March 2024